Skin Focus


1: Cleanse
...with Intral Cleansing Milk:

Ideal for sensitive skin, this cleansing milk is the perfect way to start a skincare routine for dry skin. It gently lifts away makeup and impurities without irritating skin. Enriched with calming Chamomile and Hawthorn, this cleansing milk supports and protects the skin’s moisture barrier and leaves your complexion feeling clean, fresh, and soft.

How to use: Simply massage in circular motions to your face and neck and wash off.

2: Awaken
...with Hydraskin Cooling Hydrating Gel Mask:

Next, revitalise and awaken your skin with a 10-minute mask. This lightweight, refreshing gel mask is infused with botanicals to continuously hydrate skin for up to 24 hours, making it an ideal addition to a skincare routine for dry skin. Your complexion is left feeling plump, energised, and refreshed.

How to use: This step can be added into your routine whenever you need a boost. We recommend using this mask three times a week. After cleansing, apply a thin layer onto clean dry skin and leave on for 10 minutes, then remove excess with a wet cloth. Avoid eye area.

3: Hydrate
...with Hydraskin Moisturising Serum:

This potent serum instantly delivers intense hydration to thirsty skin. Powerful pomegranate penetrates onto the skin to support critical water reserves within the surface skin cells, leaving you with a quenched, supple, and dewy complexion with a healthy glow.

How to use: Morning and night, massage gently onto cleansed face and neck.

4: Nourish
...with Rose Aromatic Care:

Next, add an essential oil into your skincare routine for dry skin. This luxurious oil elixir softens and deeply nourishes skin while enhancing glow and radiance. As it’s fast absorbing, it’s perfect for those who need a fast hydration boost without any greasy residue.

How to use: Morning and night, massage gently onto face and neck after using your serum.

5: Plump
...with Hydraskin Rich Cream:

This cream is enriched with Salicornia Herbacea and Butterfly Lavendar, which makes it great for dry skin. The Hydra-Structure Technology strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and offers long-lasting hydration. In a velvety rich, indulgent cream formula, it also creates a flawless canvas for makeup application and helps makeup look fresh for longer.

How to use: Morning and night, massage gently onto face and neck after your serum and essential oil elixir.

6: Protect
...with Rose Hydra-Nourishing Oil Cream:

Finish your skincare routine for dry skin by nourishing, protecting and softening with a gentle Rose Oil Cream. This opulent cream is enriched with triple Rose concentrate; Rose Absolute, Essential Oils and Flower Wax, as well as moisturising Omega 3, 6 and 9. Skin is relieved of tightness and dryness and is also renewed of damage by the cold.

How to use: Morning and night, massage gently onto face and neck as the final step in your skincare regime.

For more hydrating skin saviours, explore our Dryness & Dehydration Skincare range.